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SME Network

The SME Network presents an opportunity for graphic designers and web designers to develop their customer websites by supplementing their own specialist skills with tried and tested systems and solutions provided by us and our specialists.

Central to the SME Network is the SME Portal System that allows network partners to login and access full details on their projects, download a number of guides, and communicate through a support log.

The concept behind the SME Network is simple, i.e. top class websites require high quality graphical design, well written content, and technical superior website development and hosting.

SME Network Partners provide the high quality design and liaise with the client and, if required, a specialist copywriter. Web designers can decide which elements of website development they undertake themselves.

We will convert graphic web page designs, provide to us by our partners, in to W3C compliant web pages, whilst at the same time incorporating advanced search engine optimisation techniques that utilise Google applications. Truly dynamic webpages are developed using ASP, ASP.NET and JavaScript.

Websites are powered by Microsoft's Premier Database, SQL Server, faciliting unlimited scope for the development of bespoke Content Management Systems, business to business online applications, and e-commerce websites.

This all adds up to a winning formula enabling partners to leverage their website design services. To view a detailed summary of all the areas of website development and expertise provided click here.

At SME Web design we are interested in extending the scope of our business by developing high quality websites in partnership with professional graphic designers and web designers. Membership of the SME Network Network is currently free of charge, subject to availability, and at the discretion of SME Web Design. To find out more please call us now on 01283 792628 or book a call back.



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SME Network

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