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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any bandwidth restrictions or charges?

All websites have an unlimited bandwidth allowance.

Are there and restrictions on the size of websites?

We do not place any restrictions on the hard drive space occupied by client websites.

Do you register domain names?

Yes, we will search for and register domain names, on behalf of our clients, and take care of the annual subscription renewal fees.

Do you sort out business email?

Yes, we setup professional business email for our clients using Fasthosts LiveMail.

Will people be able to find my website on Google?

Yes, we optimise the homepage of your website for your business name and a phrase that best describes the nature of your business. If anyone searches on Google using your business name then your website should be listed within one month of being launched. Our use of the Google Sitemap Service can reduce this to just a few days.

How secure are the websites you develop?

Websites that we develop and host are very secure as a result of good server security, sql/script injection filtering, and applying appropriate file permissions to the website folders and SQL Server database data objects.

What happens if the web server hard drive fails?

We have a complete copy of your website stored locally and our SQL databases are backed up daily on to tape. This means in the event of a catastrophic failure with the server hard drive our client websites can be restored in a matters of hours.

Can I have access to upload and download files to and from my website?

Yes, we can configure an FTP account so that you can access your website folders and files.

Standard Consultancy Terms
Internet, SEO, Database Design - David Abell - £75/hour plus VAT
Advanced Database System Design - Geoff Johns - £80/hour plus VAT


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Frequently Asked Questions

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