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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a fantastic on-line application provided, free of charge, by Google to the Website Community. No website owner should be without an Analytics Account as it is THE tool for determining how a website is performing!

Analytics, in a nutshell, provides detailed statistical reports and graphs covering all aspects of visits to a website and visitor behavior once on a website. This includes a detailed analysis or referral websites, in particular search engines, and the keywords inputted in to search engines to find the website.

Google Analytics

The above image shows a screen from ARCA’s Analytics Account that displays the total visits graphically and sets out below the number of visits received via the top Google search phrases.

SME Web Design are experienced in setting up Google Analytic Accounts and do so, as a matter of course, for all new websites. This entails the embedding, within webpages, a code snippet, provided by Google, which transmits details of site visitor activity.

Once an Analytics Account is setup we forward the login details to the owner of the website so that they can access their own Analytics Account whenever they desire.

To view an introductory video about Google Analytics, provided by Google click here.

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Google Analytics

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